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Meet your Photographer 

Beauty.. Naturally Captured

I am a certified Early Intervention therapist and an educator who just outside of the great city of Boston enjoys creating a story through my pictures.

My pictures empowers and strengthens the lives that I encounter on a daily basis.  Photography allows me to explore my creative side and at the same time connect with my clients on a deeper level.  


Photography shows us how wonderfully made we are. It reminds us of how we were and how we can be.

For after all, pictures are not mere visual records, but repositories of our emotions and our hopes and wishes. And Bowvay & CO. understands this very well. So, whether you are expecting, tying the nuptials or celebrating some life-stage event, Bowvay & CO. is the photographer to opt for if you want your pictures to glow.

Bowvay & Co has a passion for elevating wedding photos. Being able to relive that feeling of falling in love all over again with your soulmate whether it be 5, 10, 15, 25 years down the line is what I strive to accomplish. Taking an image and freezing a moment even when the people in it changes is a memory you will have forever. 

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